The Spanish national army museum - Museo del Ejército – located in Toledo, features a range of historical, artistic and scientific history of the Spanish army. The current army museum is the result of a merger of several smaller military museums and is now located in Alcázar of Toledo, a fortress built on one of Toledo’s hills, originally built in the 11th century.

The museum spans two buildings, the main Alcázar building for thematic and historical tours and the new building for temporary exhibitions, both with five floors and a large number of rooms.To improve the new building’s accessibility, Lester controls will be supplying Elewation, the chosen contractor, with a Type 2 ALMEGA II escalator controller, which comes with the addition of a VVVF drive for slowing and/or stopping the escalator during quiet operational periods, and also non-use photocell beam monitoring at the top and bottom entrances.

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