In line with ongoing facilities improvements, Nuffield Health Leeds commissioned Curti Lifts to undertake the modernisation of a triplex group of Otis traditional 13-person traction geared lifts. Work commenced in 2019, ahead of the Coronavirus pandemic.

As the UK’s largest healthcare charity, Nuffield Health is making 30 of its hospitals, including Nuffield Health Leeds, available to NHS trusts to support during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Modernisation works had started before conversations with NHS England about how Nuffield Health Leeds could support. As a result, the modernisation of the three essential lifts were all required to be available for the movement of patients. 

With this potentially becoming a significant problem for the Nuffield Health Leeds management team, Curti Lifts were asked to accelerate and complete the works in time to meet with the tight deadlines required by the NHS, for the hospital to be available for patients.

To help Curti Lifts achieve the revised deadlines, Lester Controls visited the site during the week commencing 6th April as we had on previous stages during the works, to provide technical support and contribute to the lifts’ site-specific set-up and pre-commissioning requirements along with assisting with installation time efficiency.  

Prior to the Government’s recommendations regarding the pandemic, Lester Controls manufactured and delivered the three site-specific ALMEGA II lift controllers. Additionally, Lester Controls provided the ancillary items required for the installation, which included Lester Controls Flexibus plug and play shaft wiring, CEDES APS (absolute positioning systems), new TFT indication and ARD (Automatic Rescue Facility) systems for each lift. 

All the above site activity had been performed as a joint effort, strictly following Lester Controls’ and Curti Lifts’ safe working procedures and practices whilst also following the ‘on-site’ hospital guidance/safe health practices, which were provided by Curti Lifts.

On behalf of everyone at Lester Controls, we would like to thank the Curti Lifts projects team for their compliments and gratitude, as detailed in their e-mail as shown below. 


Curti Lifts Thankyou Email