The modernisation and investment programme for Irish Rail has involved many of the stations’ passenger lifts needing to be upgraded to current EN81-20 standards. This lift upgrade work started back in 2019 and is being done in multiple phases, with Lester Controls supplying for the same lift contractor in a previous phase.

In 2019/20, Lester Controls supplied Infinity Lifts with 16 ALMEGA II based lift controllers for various existing Otis Gen2 passenger and goods lifts. As we provided backplate-only solutions it was imperative that every care was taken to ensure that all the equipment provided would arrive in pristine condition, as such bespoke containers were manufactured to safely accommodate the backplates during travel.

With the modernisation programme now moving into phase three, which will begin in May this year, we will be once more supplying Infinity Lifts with 11 machine-room-less lifts (MRL) complete with automatic rescue devices (ARD).