Following the Prime Minister’s announcement regarding the 4-week coronavirus lockdown taking place from the 5th November 2020, Lester Controls’ three regional offices along with manufacturing facilities in both Croydon and Lutterworth will remain open for business, in full support of our customers within the essential lift and escalator sectors.

During this time, Lester Controls will continue to observe the latest COVID-19 protocols and advice set out by the Government and the NHS. We will continue to provide onsite technical support relating to any essential equipment that uses a Lester Controls controller. This will be undertaken to maintain the Government’s requirements of social distancing, protecting our customers and those present in any building we visit.

On-site visits will continue to be prioritised with NHS and essential lifts coming first. Requests for other site visits will be carefully reviewed, to ensure the sites in question have a Covid policy in place covering limited social interaction.