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TFT 35/43/70 Indicators


The TFT35 is our smallest TFT indicator. Its bright 256-colour display has a 64K colour depth and an improved viewing angle can be suppled in either vertical or horizontal modes.

The TFT35 features include multi-tone arrival gong, non-scrolling directional arrows and large hall lantern arrow. It can also be customised on request and allows for on-site programming.


The TFT43 supersedes the TFT55 as our small TFT indicator product. Offering customisation on request and on-site programming, the TFT43 is at the forefront of lift indicator technology.

The new TFT43 has a full 256 colour TFT display with a 64K colour depth and an improved viewing angle. Facilities include multi-tone arrival gong, scrolling directional arrows and large hall lantern arrow. Available in vertical or horizontal mode.


The new TFT70 indicator supersedes the TFT90 model as our largest, most up-to-date full colour TFT indicator. New features include further customisation and image options and the facility for on-site programming.

The new TFT70 offers a large 154mm x 86mm 256 colour TFT display, with the option to include corporate logos and customised fonts and colours. On-site programmable from a tablet, laptop or PC. Features include energy saving mode, scrolling directional arrows and multi-tone arrival gong. With an improved degree viewing angle, the indicator can be positioned in vertical or horizontal mode.

TFT 35/43/70 Indicators

Lester Controls’ TFT indicators offer outstanding quality, competitive pricing and are easy to install – the perfect choice for all hall and car display requirements.

  • On-site programmable
  • 256 Colours
  • High Resolution
  • Slim Construction

Displays are fully customisable and offer own on-screen branding facilities for both lift companies and end users alike. These could be a building name, a corporate logo or a building directory. Images can be accompanied with or replaced by emergency messages, floor level information, direction of travel arrows and lift status.

Direct connection to Lester Controls processor via a screened twisted pair cable without the need of a driver card. If special requirements are required after installation then simply plug in a USB flash drive from Lester Controls to auto update the indicator. The high quality colour display delivers many colour variations with a colour depth of 64K and 8 bits per pixel.