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TC3 Indicators

The highly successful TC3 (Tri colour 3 digit) range of indicators comprise of a Controller Interface Module (fitted in the lift controller) and a digital indicator fitted in the lift car and/ or on the landings.

With the advent of our new processor (ALMEGA and ALMEGA II) the interface module is not required, and hence makes the indicator more versatile and cheaper to use.

TC3 Indicators

The indicator comes in three sizes. The only shortfall with the two digit display (TC3 50 2D) is that it can only display a maximum of two digits at any one time. Whether it be the floor display and direction arrows or just the floor display (if it is more than one digit) then the direction arrows have to be dropped. To compensate this, the display can scroll upwards in green and downwards in red showing the direction of travel without actually showing an arrow. The Hall Lantern facility is not compromised.

All message displays are shown in red and alternate between the message and the lift position during operation. A binary encoder can be supplied should the lift exceed the 6 standard discrete inputs available.The interface is fully user programmable and can display all floor denominations.

The voice unit (VS3) will follow the display as long as the floor being displayed is in the Voice Library.

Check with Lester Controls first if you have any queries.


  • Slim 20mm design
  • 4 Wire supply
  • Equality Act 2010 Compliant
  • Tri-colour



  • 30 or 50mm
  • Dot matrix display
  • Tri-colour, blue & white led display options
  • 24v DC 4 wire supply signalling
  • 140 viewing angle
  • Large dual colour hall lantern display
  • Up to 3 scrolling messages (driver card option only)
  • Optional A / gong facility
  • Optional speech unit attachment


Key Options

All indicators available with 30mm or 50mm high digits. A two digit version of the TC3 50 is also available with similar general features as described for the TC3. This Indicator can be supplied to display one of the following display arrangements:

  • Single position digit plus arrow
  • Two position digits in amber with no arrow information
  • Two position digits which illuminate green for up direction, red for down direction, and amber for no direction


Product Codes

  • TC3 30mm Indicator
    TC330-Lens (30mm)
  • TC30 50mm 3 Digit indicator
    TC3503D-Lens 50mm (3 Digit)
  • TC3 50mm 2 Digit Indicator
    TC3502D-Lens (50mm 2 Digit)
  • Gong Speaker 66 dia x 20d (mm)
  • TC3 Interface
    TC3I / FACE
  • Binary Encoder (1-8 Floors)
  • Binary Encoder (1-16 Floors)