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PB5 Push Buttons

A robust and elegant range of push buttons in a number of finishes to complement your lift decor.

PB5 – Black finish non-Braille Standard stock configuration:

Blue/Red/White full illumination (24v) / White half illumination

PB5 Push Buttons

 Product Codes 

  • PB5B_ -2, -1, 0, 1-10, B, G, L, M, DO, DC,
    Call, Up, Down, etc.
  • PB5Y Alarm
  • PB5_ -1, 0, B, G (Main Floor)


Range Features

  • Full common range of numbers in stock and supporting functions available in a number of attractive finishes
  • There is a matching range of keyswitches, rocker switches and indicators
  • Any LED configuration can be accommodated at short notice if required


Surface Graphics

Symbols: Door close, door open, alarm, up and down

Other options are available upon request

A new range of push buttons incorporating the EN Buzz facility is now available. No extra wiring on-site is required as the button comes complete with the circuit already incorporated.