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LesterXpress Lite – Hydraulic

Lester Controls is delighted to announce the new LesterXpress Lite Hydraulic controller. With two weeks from order to delivery, the LesterXpress Lite gives all the features that the Almega II controller enjoys – faster!

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LesterXpress Lite – Hydraulic

Hydraulic Features


  • Up to & including the option for 8 floors
  • APB / down collective / fully collective / nonselective collective options
  • Hydraulic valve options of 48v / 55v / 110v / 185v / 220v, configurable on-site
  • Hydraulic valve options supported: Blain, Algi, GMV, Morris, Leistritz
  • To suit motors of up to 20kw S/D
  • Re-levelling as standard
  • Hand-lowering as extra
  • User-friendly touch screen MMI for parameter adjustment and fault diagnostics
  • 250 Most recent events stored
  • Lester Controls indicator serial connection for TC3, HDI & TFT inbuilt as standard
  • 24v DC wire per floor / binary indicator output options
  • 24v DC car and landing call acceptance
  • Manual doors or signal type VVVF type door interface as standard
  • Fully compatible with Lester Controls AlmegaWin software
  • Bi-stable switch for up test limit operation
  • Single car mounted limit switch for overtravel
  • CEDES dual camera APS for shaft positioning
  • Benedict & Jager contactors

  • 3 Phase doors and A3 is at an additional cost and an additional week on manufacturing


Option - Full serial package

  • Flexibus shaft CAN network, c/w landing push nodes & all leads for landing pushes / indicators
  • VIC-SP Board fitted
  • Car Flex Juction (Halfway Box)
  • Trailing Flexes
  • Car + Landing Nodes c/w all leads


Fixtures available from stock at additional cost

  • Surface Mount COP with car load engraving to suit HDI32 indicator
  • Floor pushes, door open push, alarm push & keyswitch
  • Voice card option
  • EN Buzz included on serial node or built-in push
  • Car Top Control and Half Way Box available as an option
  • Bespoke COPs, LOPs and LIPs available as extra costs
  • TFT 35, 43 & 70 indicators available