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Hydraulic VVVF

With the demand for better ride comfort, hydraulic manufacturers have improved this product range with the introduction of VVVF hydraulic packs. Interfacing the various hydraulic companies’ preferred inverters with the hydraulic equipment being factory set, Lester Controls have fine-tuned these controllers to work in harmony with each and every make. With the valve blocks factory preset, installation is far easier as the process is already completed at the source.

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Hydraulic VVVF


  • ALMEGA or Almega II technology
  • Highest travel comfort up to 1m/s
  • 120 travels per hour without cooling
  • Low energy consumption (no cooler needed)
  • Savings in machine-room ventilation
  • Low oil temperature resulting in less wear and tear of the hydraulics
  • Shorter and unvarying travel times Up to 10 dBA noise reduction

Our controllers have used systems including:

  • Bucher Saturn Alpha VVVF
  • Bucher iValve VVVF
  • Blain EV4 VVVF
  • Algi AZFR VVVF

Hydraulic System Controls

  • Hydraulic Over Travel Sequencing
  • Hydraulic Homing
  • Hydraulic Relevelling Control
  • Hydraulic Vane Sequence Check (via software)
  • Hydraulic Oscillation Control
  • EN81-20 Compliant

Door Control Options

  • Manual Doors
  • Fully Automatic Doors
  • Swing Landing Doors & Power Car Doors
  • Park Open Control (software option)
  • Door Nudging
  • Differential Door Dwell Timings
  • Limited Landing Door Reopen

Power Control Options

  • Hydraulic Control
  • Variable Frequency Control


  • Direction Arrows (collective controls only)
  • Lift Overload Indicator
  • Out of Service Indicator
  • Positions Indicators
  • Car Call and Landing Indicators
  • Fire Control Indicator
  • Arrival Gong Control