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Where installations are utilising existing motors, Lester Controls can supply a range of encoders which provide the necessary feedback for increased speed control and profiling as well as improved floor levelling accuracy.


Available from stock, we provide 10mm hollow bore and 10mm shafted encoders. The hollow encoders can be provided with a threaded adaptor for affixing to the high-speed motor shaft – Lester Controls stock 6-16 mm adaptors, which cover the vast majority of applications, but other sizes are available on request. The 10mm shafted encoder can be supplied with a range of fixings including an ‘L’ bracket and circular flange plus a 10mm coupler. All encoders are fitted with a standard 10-meter screened cable during manufacture.

Whilst the above covers most applications, other sizes are available on request.



  1. Shafted Encoder Flanges and Couplings
  2. Hollow Encoder
  3. Shaft Adaptors


Product Codes

  • 8mm – TSA8
  • 10mm – TSA10
  • 12mm – TSA12
  • 14mm – TSA14
  • 16mm – TSA16


Shafted Pulse Encoders

  • 1024 PPR 10-30v 10mm – ENC1024S
  • Coupling (10mm) – PULSEC
  • ‘L’ Bracket – PULSEL
  • Flange – PULSEF
  • Endat Encoders 10,000 PPR (special order)
  • Encoders of various sizes and voltages available on request.