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Call Zappers & Lift Car Security

Our easy to use call zappers and receivers are available for those sites whereby remote lift operation is required. Using 433 Mhz frequency up to a distance of 30 metres the units are very versatile for many site conditions.

The small compact keyfob (65 x 37 x 15mm) is used to call or send any lift and can easily fit onto any key arrangement. The receiver can be located within any call station and is then wired into the landing call accept pushes. Any number of transmitters are available with the same entry code.

Call Zappers & Lift Car Security

Eight Code Lock (Up to 8 floors – via Keypad)

This simple and clever PCB board intercepts all car pushes and will only energise a car call being entered via a 3 digit code. This code can either be placed onto the car buttons to release the call to the restricted floor or alternatively by entering the same code into the keypad. The keypad is neater for integration into your COP.


One Code Lock (1 Floor only – via Keypad)

This lock board is a simple code recognition device for restricting access to authorised people only in a low security environment. The lock code is set via the keypad; this activates a relay permitting access to an operating button or similar.


One Floor Security – via Floor Button (Quick Push Lock)

An unlock code is entered via multiple entries on a single push button; but its security code is factory set. Any code changes will need to be reset at source.


Technical Data

  • PCB Size : 50 x 80 x 25mm high
  • Eight Code Lock – 8LOCK
  • One Code Lock – 1LOCK
  • Quickpush Lock – QUICKPUSH
  • Keypad – KEYPAD


Product Codes

  • Remote Receiver – RCVER433
  • Remote Zapper – 433 Mhz ZAPP433