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Voice Synthesiser (VSSA & VS3)

We currently offer two voice synthesisers to meet your client’s needs. One interfaces with our TC3 and new HDI indicator (VS3); the other is a standalone model (VSSA).



This is a stand alone unit designed to give voice announcements concerning lift position, direction, door operation and lift status.

Inputs are opto isolated for 24v DC operation. Six inputs are available for floor announcements on a discrete input basis. For more floors the they are binary encoded.

The audio output is via a 8 Ohm speaker at 1 watt.

Type VS3

This unit is an interface module that rests in the COP and is to be used when TC3 indicators are purchased. The board uses the same 4 wire CAN communication line wire for the indicators to reduce site wiring and ease of installation.

The PCB uses surface mount technology and can be housed neatly away in any COP. A volume control is still present giving the Customer full flexibility with its installation.


VSSA Features

  • Stand Alone Unit
  • 24v DC opto isolate inputs
  • 6 Decimal inputs as standard or Binary Option


VS3 Features

  • 4 Wire CAN communication
  • Used in conjunction with TC3 indicators
  • Small single board using surface mount technology