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USP Shaft Positioning System (Discontinued)

USP 30/100

Since the introduction of the USP shaft positioning system in 2003, Lester Controls, as Schmersal’s official authorised systems integrator, have supplied in excess of 3000 units. This makes them the largest consumer of this system outside its native Germany.

The system works by the transmitter on the lift car inducing an ultrasonic pulse into the wire, which is hung the length of the shaft. A receiver then deciphers the information and, via the “USP” interface located within our control panel, converts the data into analogue signals to suit the processor.

USP 30/100


The simple installation method, fine tuning and ease of integration with Lester Controls’ systems all add up to a user friendly positioning system. With over 1,000 successful installations, the USP is a proven product backed by Lester Controls & Schmersal’s full weight of technical “know-how”. The principal behind the USP is a very simple one; a specially developed wire is suspended from shaft head to pit and a transmitter is fitted onto the lift cabin which the wire passes through. A receiver is then installed on the lift at a closed location close to the motor room.

The car transmitter induces an ultrasonic pulse into the wire under the instructions of the receiver, via the parallel interface fitted with the Control Panel. These pulses are then interpreted by the receiver and converted into the distance between the transmitter and receiver. The Parallel Interface gives an analogue shaft profile that Lester Controls interprets at 24v DC output.

A full installation fixing kit and instructions are supplied, as well as a Lester Controls specific “Dummies Guide” set-up and adjustment procedure. As a stand-alone shaft position system, the USP could prove an effective replacement for Tape Heads, Inductors and Vanes etc. on most control systems.

An installation presentation can be viewed on either our or the Schmersal website: The USP interface connects via Serial Coms directly to the ALMEGA Control Processor using CANopen protocol.



  • The USP is available in two kit forms, namely the USP 30 & USP 100. The USP 30 can be used on installations where the travel does not exceed 30m
  • All other applications should use the USP 100



  • The USP comes complete with an easily understandable installation and setup manual, which is complemented with a Lester Controls’ setup sheet as well
  • Once installation is complete the USP is then relatively maintenance free
  • Computer software is available which expands the shaft profile into a diagrammatic format easily readable on any laptop computer for use with a Schmersal P.I