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Traction VVVF – KONE Monospace Modernisation Solution

Modernise the operation of your axial flux permanent magnet (PM) motor with Magnetek’s state-of-the-art HPV® 900AP PM synchronous AC motor control with patented technology.

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Traction VVVF – KONE Monospace Modernisation Solution

The drive’s innovative design allows for operation of disc-type motors via a rider wheel located on the sheave. The HPV900AF is a practical, affordable and convenient solution when retaining PM motors. The HPV 900AF drive is engineered to meet the needs of today’s machineroomless (MRL) axial flux disc-type motors.


  • Designed for easy retrofitting
  • Compatible with axial flux disc-type motors
  • Installation kit includes encoder, rider wheel, feedback sensor and encoder sensor cables
  • Axial flux controlled via unique speed regulator – included in factory-installed custom firmware
  • Integrated digital operator provides easy set-up


  • Built in serial communications
  • Optional regenerative unit