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Tape Heads / Proximities

The tried-and-tested tape head unit offers a basic cost-effective solution to shaft positioning. Interchangeable to a 110/240v supply, the tape head is utilized on a large volume of installations and is available complete with associated parts, including stainless steel tape, magnets and mounting kit.

Tape Heads / Proximities


Lester Controls supply the Schmersal BN650 range, which has proven to be a reliable and durable switch. Uses of these include door zoning and door selection as well as an alternative to a tape head kit on basic low rise solutions, where it is deemed more suitable.



  • Easy to install
  • Cost-effective
  • Reliable
  • NO or NC outputs



  • Choice of car or shaft mounted fixing kits now available
  • Floating Head
  • Strong Hall Effect Sensors



  • Alternative if shaft space is tight
  • Ideal on low rise lifts, manual doors
  • Ideal for goods, service or platform lifts


Product Codes

  • Tape Head Unit (110V) TH110V
  • Tape Head Unit (240V) TH240V
  • Proximity Switch PROX
  • 3” Magnet 3MAGSTRIP
  • 6” Magnet 6MAGSTRIP
  • Fixing Bracket PROXBRAC
  • Fixing Kit THFKIT
  • Fixing Kit Wall Type THFKITWALL*
  • Fixing Kit Spring Type THFKITSPRING*
  • 6”Magnets 6MAG
  • 12”Magnets 12MAG
  • Stainless Steel 3” (76mm) SS3
  • Floating Tape Head Shoes FLOAT
  • Fixed Tape Head Shoes FIXED
  • Glue 87-0240
  • Magnet Comb COMB

*Choice of car or shaft
mounted fixing kits now
available at no extra charge