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Magnetek HPV1000 Drive

The New HPV1000 has the same easy and familiar set up as Magnetek’s Quattro® and HPV® drives.

Magnetek HPV1000 Drive

HPV®1000 Offers: 

  • Elevator-specific application software 
  • Magnetek's familiar, user-friendly parameter layout 
  • Controller interface common with other Magnetek elevator drives 
  • Parameter naming in familiar elevator terminology 
  • Anti-rollback software with patented PPT™ technology results in the smoothest elevator start available

HPV1000 is designed for more than 70,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, making it the ideal choice for new installations or modernisation projects.

Speed Regulator (E-Reg) 
Magnetek’s unique elevator speed regulator, E-Reg, is specifically designed to handle elevator applications. E-Reg is easy to set up and provides the high performance you have come to expect from Magnetek’s elevator drives.

E-Reg Benefits 

  • Improved speed change transitions 
  • Elimination of overshoot seen with traditional PI regulators 
  • Only TWO Parameters to Adjust: RESPONSE and INERTIA

Dual Operator 
The Dual Operator option enables users to configure the HPV1000 using the tried and trusted parameter format used in Magnetek’s Quattro and earlier generation HPV drives. The intuitive parameter structure and ease of navigation reduces set-up time.

Wireless Operator
The Wireless Operator enables programming access to the HPV1000 using the standard web browser found in any smart phone, tablet, or PC. Creating its own “hotspot,” the Wireless Operator is particularly useful in applications where drive access is difficult, such as Machine Roomless elevator applications.

RegenAC and Dynamic Braking Add-Ons
Any time an AC motor is overhauled by the drive load, excess energy is generated and fed back to the inverter. This energy must be properly handled to avoid drive faults or possible equipment damage. Choose between our regenerative RegenAC Braking Product and non-regenerative dynamic braking options to best suit your application.