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Machineroomless Lifts (MRL)

Lester Controls offers a wide range of MRL controller solutions to complement your MRL lift, for projects from new installs to the modernisation of existing lift systems.

Our standard MRL cabinet is made from stainless steel and sized at 2100mm high x 440mm wide x 270mm deep.

This control panel houses the Almega II processor and up to 11kW (24Amp) on the Magnetek drive and 11kW (32Amp) on the Ziehl Abegg 4CS drive.

A new, slimline version is also available with the ALMEGA II processor and the Ziehl Abegg 4CS. With dimensions of 2100mm height x 200mm depth x 250mm width, it utilises serial push and indicator networks to reduce size and installation time.

The ZA 4C drive is mounted within the lift shaft and adjacent to the motor. A zetapad programming tool is fitted into the control panel to program, adjust and interrogate the inverter remotely.

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Machineroomless Lifts (MRL)


  • ALMEGA (I or II) technology
  • Hydraulic or Traction options
  • Multiple floor options
  • Standard or non-standard brake options
  • Lockable cabinet doors
  • Fully vented
  • Fully EN 81-Pt1 compliant
  • Permanent UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) fitted as standard for emergency brake release
  • Stainless steel cabinet as standard


Drive Options

  • Standard Hydraulic or VVVF Hydraulic
  • Magnetek Geared or Gearless
  • Ziehl Drives Geared or Gearless
  • Drives mounted internally or externally (size dependent)


Power Control Options

  • Hydraulic Control
  • Variable Frequency Control - Traction or Hydraulic
  • Polechanger / Two Speed Control
  • Single Speed Control


Hydraulic System Controls

  • Hydraulic Over Travel Sequencing
  • Hydraulic Homing
  • Hydraulic Relevelling Control
  • Hydraulic Vane Sequence Check (via software)
  • Hydraulic Oscillation Control
  • Hydraulic Star / Delta Pump Starting Control


Door Control Options

  • Manual Doors
  • Fully Automatic Doors
  • Swing Landing Doors & Power Car Doors
  • Park Open Control (software option)
  • Door Nudging
  • Differential Door Dwell Timings
  • Limited Landing Door Reopen



  • Direction Arrows (collective controls only)
  • Lift Overload Indicator
  • Out of Service Indicator
  • Positions Indicators
  • Car Call and Landing Indicators
  • Fire Control Indicator
  • Arrival Gong Control