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Load Weigher / Monitor

The LW20/13 is the simple, easy to use Load Monitor System employed by Lester Controls. The advent of high gain integrated amplifiers with increased stability and advanced strain gauge bonding has resulted in a highly reliable and stable load monitor. Calibration is straight forward once the lift car has been zero loaded. 90% bypass and 110% overloaded can then be calibrated accurately. A stable 24v DC power supply is required.

Load Weigher / Monitor


  • 24v DC: min 20v DC max 30v DC
  • Power consumption: max 250 mA
  • Protection: IP54
  • Output: NO/NC (max 24v IA) Threshold turning with pot meter


Features / Advantages

  • A stabilised power supply of 24v DC is required which can also be supplied if necessary.
  • Overload Indicator Box complete with indicator & buzzer can be supplied if required.
  • The compact size of the unit, only 197mm x 110mm x 57mm, allows easy installation on top of the car.


Product Codes

  • Load Monitor and Sensor – LW20/13
  • Sensor – LW20/13 SENSOR
  • Overload Indicator Box – OLIND
  • 24v Power Supply PSU