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LesterXpress – Traction

Designed and built specifically to address the needs of customers requiring quality but basic lift controllers delivered from stock to site within 2 weeks!

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LesterXpress – Traction


  • Up to & including the option for 8 floors
  • APB / down collective / fully collective / non-selective collective options
  • Brake / retiring ramp options of 55v / 110v / 185v / 220v configurable on site
  • Magnetek HPV 1000 Inverter, up to 15kw (31amps)
  • Speeds up to 1.0m/s open loop or 1.6m/s closed loop (with encoder card additional extra cost) DTF is standard on closed loop option
  • Hand winding as standard
  • User-friendly touch screen MMI for parameter adjustment and fault diagnostics
  • 250 Most recent events stored Lester Controls indicator serial connection for TC3, HDI & TFT inbuilt as standard
  • 24v DC wire per floor / binary indicator output options
  • Standard 24v DC car and landing call acceptance is standard
  • Manual doors or signal type VVVF type door interface as standard
  • 3 Phase door module & A3 as an optional extra cost - 1 week lead time
  • Fully compatible with Lester Controls Almegawin software
  • Bi-stable switch for up test limit operation
  • Single car mounted limit switch for overtravel
  • CEDES dual camera APS for shaft positioning
  • Screened twisted pair flex and VIC interface board included


Option - Full serial package

  • Flexibus shaft CAN network, c/w landing push nodes & all leads for landing pushes / indicators
  • VIC-SP Board fitted
  • Car Flex Juction (Halfway Box)
  • Trailing Flexes
  • Car + Landing Nodes c/w all leads


Fixtures available from stock at additional cost

  • Surface Mount COP with car load engraving to suite HDI32 indicator
  • Floor pushes, door open push, alarm push & keyswitch
  • Voice card option
  • EN Buzz included
  • Car Top Control and Half Way Box available as an option
  • Bespoke COP's, LOP's, LIP's available as extra costs
  • TFT 43 & 70 indicators available