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Lester Absolute Positioning System (CEDES)

The Lester APS (CEDES) incorporates the latest revolutionary technology in absolute shaft positioning, with impressive benefits including high resistance to smoke and dust.

Manufactured in Switzerland and sold exclusively in the UK by Lester Controls, the Lester APS (CEDES) is the latest high-tech, ultra-reliable APS for lifts, providing a cost-effective positioning system. Designed for low to high rise applications, the Lester APS (CEDES) is set to revolutionise shaft positioning. Lester APS (CEDES) takes advantage of advanced optical sensor infrared technology. The heart of the system is the pair of IR cameras, housed in the robust sensor case which is fixed to the lift car in one of three positions. The APS sensor is completely non-contact; position and speed is calculated by reading the unique APS code tape fixed to the shaft wall – well away from car top visitors.

After extensive R&D co-operation and testing, the Lester APS (CEDES) is available for all new Lester ALMEGA II Lift Controllers or as an upgrade kit for existing ALMEGA installations.

A full installation fixing kit with instructions is supplied, along with Lester Controls’ “How-to guide” set-up and adjustment procedure.

Lester Absolute Positioning System (CEDES)


Lester Controls have utilised the Cedes APS dual camera/twin CAN facility and applied this to provide a position control system with inbuilt “redundancy”. This system means that there is no need to install terminal floor slowing/reset limits, even on elevators at 5m/s.

The two Cedes APS CAN outputs are connected to two separate CAN inputs on the Almega II processor (car CAN and position CAN).

The position CAN is used for Direct-to-Floor (DTF) Operation whereas the car CAN is used for the slowdown check.



  • The APS comes complete with an easily understandable installation and setup manual
  • Once the installation is complete the APS is virtually maintenance free
  • Fully functional in low lux levels or smoke-filled shafts
  • Suitable for new builds, modernisation and retrofitting for Lester ALMEGA II Lift Controllers only



  • Position and velocity output
  • Absolute position up to 1,500 m with a resolution of 0.5mm
  • Velocity up to 20 m/s with a resolution of 1 mm/s
  • Integrated reading of markers for building compression
  • Very robust system due to high light reserve and dual camera reading
  • Insensitive to dust and smoke
  • Lester Controls CAN specific interface
  • Lester APS SIL 3 Certified