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Hydraulic Elevators

A wide range of hydraulic controllers using the Almega I or II have been developed, incorporating the latest technology and processors. Controllers are EN81-70 and/or EN81-20 compliant (where required). A3 compliance is certified for the Blain L10, Bucher DSV-A3 and GMV NGV valve. Features of either processor are listed.

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Hydraulic Elevators


  • Designed using surface mount technology
  • Enclosed in custom designed, DIN rail mounting modules
  • Comfortably fits in shallow MRL cabinets Dual Core 100 / 50 MHz Processor with XGATE
  • Graphical TFT LCD with touch screen
  • Simple, user-friendly Menu system
  • USB Memory Stick Interface for software upgrades and parameter backup (Almega II only)
  • Uncontrolled Movement Detection (A3)
  • Only 3 shaft limits when using Dual Position System
  • Adjustment of slowing distances / floor levels via software
  • Internet, Intranet and LAN Connectivity using Ethernet and Wi-Fi (optional at extra cost)
  • Dispatcherless Group Systems
  • Direct serial connection to selected Position Devices
  • Direct serial connection to Lester Controls’ Serial Indicators/Speech Unit
  • Direct serial connection to Lester Controls’ Serial IO (Car & Landing pushes)
  • Fault logging of the last 250 events, with description & event code Unique Password set per system (for parameter protection)
  • Plug and Play board identification (to assist with system configuration)
  • LED indication for Input / Output, CPU status, Communications, PSU & associated fuses
  • Fully regulated 24v and 5v Power
  • Supplies Separate CAN Communications for Car, Landing, Per Lift, Drive and IO
  • Windows application software for diagnostics and programming