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Car Top Controls

The car top control provides the attending engineers full control of the lift car, disabling all car and landing calls as well as automatic door operation.

Car Top Controls



The CTC600/10 is a robust, cost effective, fully BS7255 & EN81-20 compliant car-top control. Engineer’s alarm push, bulk head light fitting and RCCD power socket are included as standard.



The CTC600/10/EL emergency lighting unit includes all the features of the CTC600/10 plus a battery-backed lift well LED light fitting to provide additional shaft lighting.


EN81-20 Compliant Pit Test Control

With the implementation of EN81-20/50 from August 2017, an integrated pit test control is to be housed in the pit area. LCSL will include a fully compliant engineer’s pit control with all EN81-20 standard control panels, providing a harmonised system.



  • Easily seen illuminated controls
  • Pre-wired
  • Colour-coded fascia
  • Robust steel enclosure
  • Vibration proof
  • Complies to BS7255: 2012 and EN81-20
  • Easy and quick maintenance


Optional Features

  • Illuminated engineers alarm
  • Fluorescent inspection
  • Complete with 9w energy saving light
  • Emergency back-up supply


Dimensions (mm)

  • CTC: 400h x 130w x 136d
  • CTC600: 260h x 290w x 260d


Product Codes

  • Prewired Car Top – Small
    C/Top Control CTCPW
    C/Top Control No Doors CTCPWND
  • Prewired Car Top – BS7255
    C/Top Control CTC600
    C/Top Control No Doors CTC600EL
  • Prewired Car Top – BS7255
    C/Top Control CTC600
    C/Top Control No Doors CTC600EL
    C/Top Control with 40 Way CTC600/40
    C/Top Control with 50 Way CTC600/50
    C/Top Control with 60 CTC600/60
    C/Top Control No Doors CTC600ND
    Lighting Lumo (12V 8W) LUMO