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2 Segment Dot Matrix Indicator (Discrete and Binary Inputs)

The 2 Segment Dot Matrix Indicators have been superseded, to an extent, by high definition and TFT indicators, but still offer a cost-effective option for simple floor position display without the need for driver cards or modification kits, and are still available to order.

The 54mm x 40mm window can be used in the horizontal or vertical mode. 

In horizontal mode, up to 2 digits are displayed but at the expense of the direction arrow. The indicator is not switchable so stud setup is important. The indicator can run either in discrete or binary mode.

In vertical more, although the single character height is increased, the permanent direction arrow can only alternate with the digit every two seconds, providing you have the appropriate replacement software chips.

DU2H/DU2V Indicators


  • Single or Double Digit



  • Competitive
  • 12 – 24v AC or DC Supply
  • No Driver Card Required


Product Codes

  • DU2 Indicator – Horizontal DU2H
  • DU2 Indicator – Vertical -DU2V
  • DU2 Lens – DU2LENS
  • Binary Encoder (1-8 Floors) BIN8
  • Binary Encoder (1-16 Floors) BIN16
  • Binary Encoder (1-8 Floors) BIN8
  • Binary Encoder (1-16 Floors) BIN16