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MP 500/e Traction / Hydraulic

Superseded, however still available to order.
Spares Available.

The well known MP500 microprocessor system continues to provide a cost effective control solution to a wide range of lift applications. The “e” version is used on economy applications comprising of up to 4 floors (simplex) single button collective control or 3 floor two button fully collective control. The larger microprocessor system MP500 with Omron L7 frequency inverter is used on all other applications where applicable up to 40 floors full collective duplex control.

The processor system comprises of two main printed circuit boards namely the CPU board and the “Input/Output” board. The modular design was designed to encompass the high noise immunity and attenuation of supply voltage transients. The durable design is needed to help cope with the electrically noisy lift environment and onerous spikes which can occur on certain installations.

The I/O board has been designed for noise immunity and all inputs are fully isolated by opto-couplers. For lift status and problem solving all inputs and outputs have LED indication. Our general inputs operate with 110v AC, and coil inputs operate on 24v DC and are individually fused with removable miniature fuses. Call pushes and their associated acceptance indicators can share a common connection in order to minimise site wiring for 24v DC indicator application.

The main CPU board mounts above the main I/O board and houses the main 80C32 microprocessor. Here along with the EEPROM, RAM and a selection of dip switches are housed for various standard functions.

MP 500e

The 200 long message fault logging diagnostic system is provided and is permanently mounted on the CPU board. The diagnostic display comprises of a 16 x 2 character LCD, and with associated pushes enables recovery of the most current faults. These are displayed in full text, together with the position of the lift and day of occurrence. All faults are supported with 10 year battery backed memory retention.



Standard System Control Features

  • Full Collective
  • Down Collective
  • Non Selective Collective
  • APB Control

Power Control Options

  • Hydraulic Control
  • Variable Frequency Control
  • SCR Drive Control
  • ACVV Control
  • Polechanger / Two speed Control
  • Single speed control

Hydraulic System Controls

  • Hydraulic Over travel sequencing
  • Hydraulic Homing
  • Hydraulic Relevelling Control
  • Hydraulic Vane sequence check (via software control)
  • Hydraulic Oscillation Control
  • Hydraulic Star / Delta pump starting Control