Product Support and Spares

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Product Support and Spares


To supplement and support the extensive range of Lift Control Panels and complimentary range of ancillary equipment, Lester Controls facilitates the requirement for product familiarisation.

We understand the importance of engineers getting to know the product they are working with, therefore, we welcome customers to send their engineers (free of charge) to our Croydon office, enabling them to witness the whole procedure of Control Panel manufacture from initial enquiry, right through to design concept, testing and dispatch. In this relaxed and informal atmosphere, Lester Controls will give engineers the opportunity to identify components, fault find and adjust parameters to see the cause an effect. These training sessions can be tailored to suit the different needs of engineers, from service and repairs to technical issues.

We normally advise customers that ideally between 3-5 engineers can be accommodated per session. The length of these sessions may vary, dependent upon, and subject to the requirements of each customer. If you have any further enquiries, please contact our Croydon office for further details and bookings.


Back in 2004, Lester Controls introduced an Omron drive repair service to our client base. Since then many have taken advantage of this service which has proved to be of fantastic value.

Moving forward, we are now in a position to repair the German manufactured drives supplied with our controllers. Dependant on the nature of the fault, we will either repair at Lester’s factory or use our contacts in Germany and dispatch the drive for repair there.

Hints and Tips on Drive Care

  • Check to see if the Installation Protection cover has been removed at the top of the drive, as this will help ventilation and cooling of the drive. (Omron only)
  • Check that the fans are working, especially if the drive has been switched off and on. If necessary the fans can be cleaned with a soft brush.
  • If a drive has failed, check the condition of the Main Contactors as they could also need replacement.
  • High Resistance across contacts will cause premature drive failure.
  • Check the condition of the main windings of the motor, both resistance and insulation to earth.
  • Intermittent interruption of the safety line whilst the lift is moving, e.g. lock tips, governor tension weight switch bouncing etc. will cause the drive to shut down and restart immediately, reducing   the life span of the drive.
  • Excessively hot motor rooms will also reduce the life span of the drive.