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Tape Heads/Proximities

The tried-and-tested tape head unit offers a basic cost-effective
solution to shaft positioning. Interchangeable to a 110/240v
supply, the tape head is utilized on a large volume of installations
and is available complete with associated parts, including
stainless steel tape, magnets and mounting kit.

Lester Controls supply the Schmersal BN650 range, which has
proven to be a reliable and durable switch. Uses of these include
door zoning and door selection as well as an alternative to a tape
head kit on basic low rise solutions, where it is deemed more


  • Easy to install
  • Cost effective
  • Reliable
  • NO or NC outputs


  • Choice of car or shaft mounted fixing kits now available
  • Floating Head
  • Strong Hall Effect Sensors


  • Alternative if shaft space is tight
  • Ideal on low rise lifts, manual doors
  • Ideal for goods, service or platform lifts

Product Codes

Tape Head Unit (110V) TH110V
Tape Head Unit (240V) TH240V
Proximity Switch PROX
3” Magnet 3MAGSTRIP
6” Magnet 6MAGSTRIP
Fixing Bracket PROXBRAC
Fixing Kit THFKIT
Fixing Kit Wall Type THFKITWALL*
Fixing Kit Spring Type THFKITSPRING*
6”Magnets 6MAG
12”Magnets 12MAG
Stainless Steel 3” (76mm) SS3
Floating Tape Head Shoes FLOAT
Fixed Tape Head Shoes FIXED
Glue 87-0240
Magnet Comb COMB
*Choice of car or shaft
mounted fixing kits now
available at no extra charge