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Light Curtain Safety Edge MB-194

The Light Curtain MB-194 is a very robust, compact and reliable Safety Edge. The safety edge uses 194 infrared effective beams with a detection height between 11.5mm to 1883.5mm.

This safety edge supersedes the previous Weco Infrared Door Detector WECO B174 model.


• Use voltage 85-265VAC (110/230)

• Up to 194 infrared effective beams

• Bijection scanning detection in between
11.5mm and 1883.5mm height

• Using two high-speed CPUs, process will
be fast and accurate

• Light curtain body is fully electroplated
to reduce oxidation and dirt

• High-quality hairline body

• Standby mode

• Easy to install and adjust to particular
site requirements

• With a 9mm body depth, it can integrate
to most installations

• Beam testing tool available at extra cost

• EN81-20 Compliant

Product Codes

  • MB-194 series, model LCA-4010-B (W)


  • Height 2000mm
  • Width 37.3mm
  • Depth 9mm