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LCSL, DTF Floor Positioning and Ride Performance System

To comply with the many demanding requirements of today regarding ride quality, passenger comfort and energy efficiency, LCSL have developed our DTF (direct to floor) positioning and ride quality system.

Utilising the Schmersal USP absolute position system, communicating with Lester Controls’ ALMEGA processor, we have produced a system that is both simple to install, set up, and has the ability to cope with the performance required.

The system calculates the optimum ride profile for each journey, with a minimum high speed of 1m/s (adjustable) so varying floor heights and very short floors are not an issue.

The position system allow for a DTF approach, i.e no levelling speed / time as the system targets a specific floor level position, predetermined in the shaft learn, therefore reducing flight times. DTF floor positioning is only available on closed loop applications.