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Governor Absolute Positioning System

This Positioning System is available for the products ALMEGA and ALMEGA II, Traction and Hydraulic Lifts. When a Position Device is installed the embedded
software driver within the ALMEGA / ALMEGA II provides the control system with an absolute position, which is unaffected by power loss. Thus position resets can be initiated automatically.

For Direct to Floor Control (DTF) when used with closed loop traction lifts, a position accuracy of ±1mm is achieved by altering the speed with distance, and hence controlling the speed profile of the VF inverter drive.

The system is much easier to install and setup than conventional “tape head” / shaft switching systems. Vanes for stepping and stopping are eliminated since the system automatically steps and stops using the absolute position information. A physical shaft vane mounted at floor level is used for automatic learning of the lift shaft positions, and as a floor level backup. Additional vanes may be added for safety relevelling functions.

Overspeed Governor – NOT SUPPLIED


  • Absolute Position for Immediate Selector Reset (unaffected by power loss)
  • CANopen Serial Interface, hence contactless Position Update
  • For use with Absolute Position Encoders
  • Available for Traction and Hydraulic Lifts
  • Direct to Floor Control (DTF), when used with Traction Lifts
  • Improved Ride Quality (DTF)


  • Reduced Travel Times, typically 33% per single floor run (DTF)
  • Reduced Energy Consumption, typically 7% for a single floor run (DTF)
  • Adjustment of slowing distances / floor levels via software
  • Windows application software for diagnostics and programming
  • ±1mm floor level accuracy with USP position device
  • ±2mm floor level accuracy with Rotary Encoder position device

Product Codes

  • Absolute Positioning Encoder ENC AC58