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Traction VVVF – Magnetek HPV 900 S2

Incorporating the Magnetek HPV 900 S2
The HPV 900 Series 2 elevator drive is designed for both new installations and modernisation projects, providing advanced closed-loop vector control for superior performance.

An easy-to-install AC drive, it provides accurate acceleration and deceleration, resulting in smooth ride quality. Magnetek’s proven technical expertise and customer service are just two of the reasons why Lester Controls supply the HPV 900 S2. For geared installations we recommend the HPV 900 S2 every time.

Direct-to-floor approach using serial communications is standard when used in conjunction with a CEDES or USP Shaft Positioning System.


  • Designed and rated for elevator applications
  • No oversizing needed
  • High overload capacity of 250%
  • An internal dynamic braking IGBT
  • Cooling fans only operate when drive is running
  • Meets the elevator duty cycle
  • Isolated encoder signals

Elevator Application Software and Parameters

  • Ultimate performance features
  • Offers a unique speed regulator for best ride quality and improved landing accuracy, complementing the Almega and Almega II advanced DTF features
  • Parameters use elevator industry terminology

Ease of set-up

  • No need for mechanical disconnect to tune critical motor parameters
  • Software for parameter upload/download
  • Elevator system inertia calculated by drive
  • Configurable I/O channels (removable terminals)
  • Digital operator for simple parameter changes

PM Motor Operations

  • Incremental (standard) and EnDat (optional) encoder operation
  • Align encoder to motor without mechanical disconnect