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Quattro DC

Regeneration Means Energy Savings

Quattro consumes the lowest energy possible, saving as much as 25% over DCSCR drives and as much as 45% over Motor Generator (MG) sets.

High Power Factor

Quattro has achieved an impressive unity power factor of over 0.95, which means that the current that flows is being used to produce useful work as effectively as possible rather than simply causing wasted heat in the electrical distribution system.

Clean Harmonics

Quattro’s clean utility side drive harmonics (<8% THDI) mean reduced heating and better utilization of existing distribution line equipment, plus prevention of interference with other user apparatus. It’s built right into the drive—no need for an add-on filter.

Lower Installation Costs

Clean harmonics and high power factor reduce costs because there’s no need to upgrade the building’s utility feeder supply. Installation is simplified because no isolation transformer or ripple filter is required and there are fewer cabinets to wire on site.

We are proud to say that we supplied the first UK controller with this drive installed at a London site in December 2009.