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MP2G Elevator Control System

The MP2G microprocessor has been designed to replace the MP500 processor system which has served Lester Controls for many years, and is a second generation, hence 2G.

Using surface mount component technology, the hardware is small and compact. The main processor is of the latest technology that incorporates many features and peripherals required for operation i.e. RTC, EEPROM and flash / volatile memory. The system is limited to 8 floor duplex and featured to suit a large range of lifts within the UK, ensuring majority volume and competitive pricing. The system is also designed to be robust,compact and user friendly.

A 4 line x 20 character LCD display has been chosen to provide an adequate representation of the lift information (status, doors, position, IO etc.), as well as providing a simple and easy to use menu. A keypad switch panel has been included to allow the user to change parameters and settings to suit the lift installation.

The microprocessor will connect directly to Lester Controls’ Serial Indicator and Speech Units, providing full programmability of positions up to 8 floors, and selected messages / features. Direct serial communication to motor drives (i.e. VVVF) provides better reliability and control, and a wealth of information can be accessed from the drive for diagnostics / monitoring purposes.

Windows application software is available to allow the user to change parameters and settings to suit the lift installation. Parameters such as homing floor, door dwell times, and speech / indicator etc. can be changed. The software also provides the user with diagnostic tools for viewing detailed information regarding the status of the lift and motor drive.


  • Designed using Surface Mount Technology
  • 16bit DSP, 30MHz, Multi-Peripheral Processor, incorporating all memory requirements
  • Windows application providing Upload / Download, “Lift Viewer” and “Drive Viewer”
  • Fixed,compact IO system allowing up to 8 floors full collective Up to Duplex Control
  • Direct serial connection to Lester Controls’ Serial Indicator / Speech Unit
  • Fault logging of the last 100 events with time/date stamp Onsite programmability via Keypad or Laptop/PC
  • 4 line x 20 character LCD display
  • Simple, user friendly menu system for changing parameters and fault interrogation
  • LED indication for Input / Output, CPU status and Communications

Hydraulic System Controls

  • Hydraulic Over Travel
  • Sequencing
  • Hydraulic Homing
  • Hydraulic Relevelling Control
  • Hydraulic Vane Sequence
  • Check (via software)
  • Hydraulic Oscillation Control
  • Hydraulic Star / Delta Pump
  • Starting Control

Power Control Options

  • Hydraulic Control
  • Variable Frequency Control
  • Traction or Hydraulic
  • Polechanger / Two Speed Control
  • Single Speed Control

Door Control Options

  • Manual Doors
  • Fully Automatic Doors
  • Swing Landing Doors & Power
  • Car Doors
  • Park Open Control(software option)
  • Door Nudging
  • Differential Door Dwell Timings
  • Limited Landing Door Reopen


  • Direction Arrows (collective controls only)
  • Lift Overload Indicator
  • Out of Service Indicator
  • Positions Indicators
  • Car Call and Landing Indicators
  • Fire Control Indicator