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LesterXpress – Traction

Lester Controls are pleased to announce the release of our LesterXpress Traction controller. Designed and built specifically to address the needs of customers requiring quality but basic lift controllers delivered from stock to site within 2 weeks!

Prices include a complete shaft kit consisting of:
Proximity Switch/Magnet
Door Zoning/Stopping

Bi-Stable Switch/ Magnet Setup
Up/Down Slow & Up Test Limit

Rotary Limit Switch
Top/Bottom Over-travel

Fixtures available from stock at additional costs:

  • Surface Mount COP c/w car load engraving
  • HDI32 indicator
  • Floor pushes
  • Door open push
  • Alarm push & key-switch


  • 2-8 Floors
  • APB/ Down Collective/ Non-Selective/ Full Collective Control
  • To suit motors up to 11kW – 50v / 110v / 185v / 240v (DC) Brake and/or Ramp Facility
  • Invertek Optidrive AC Variable Speed Drive – Open or Closed Loop control available up to 1.0mps (closed loop £75 extra)
  • Manual or Auto VVVF Door setup



  • Hand Winding as standard
  • User-friendly event logger and menu system with 4 line x 20 character display
  • Last 100 events history stored as standard
  • BS 7255 & EN 81-70 compliant
  • 24v Call Accept Facility
  • 24v Discrete Indicators or Lester HDI32
  • 3 Phase Doors available as an optional extra cost