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Escalator Controllers

Lester Controls offer a range of bespoke Escalator Controllers for common types of Escalators, including:

Type 1 (500h x 400w x 210d)

A basic relay controller for forward, reverse operation with mains isolator switch and fault diagnostic indicators on the door; lifting handles on top of the cabinet with a test socket and blanking plug fitted. Control voltage 110v AC.

Type 2 (600h x 600w x 210d)

A basic controller as above but has the addition of a fault logging system with remote fault display screen for mounting in the skirting. This system also incorporates under / over speed monitoring of the main drive motor, missing step feature, brake lifted and left and right handrail movement monitoring, as required by BS EN 115-2:2010 PART 2, rules for the improvement of safety of existing escalators and moving walkways, using the fault logger microprocessor board.

Type 3 (760h x 760w x 210d)

Again the same as above but with the addition of a VVVF drive for slowing and / or stopping the machine during quiet operational periods; this results in a good power saving, typically a 50% energy saving when run at half speed. Also included is non-use monitoring by using a photocell beam at the top and bottom entrances. The panel size reduces to 600h x 600w x 210d if the drive is to be mounted separately. Control voltage 110v AC; signalling of additional safety devices 24v DC.

Ancillary Equipment Supplied

  • Top pit ½ way wiring junction box
  • Bottom pit ½ way wiring junction box with test socket and plug
  • Remote engineer’s handset control station

Inductive Proximity Switcher can be supplied for the following functions:

  • Motor speed detection
  • Broke lift (x2)
  • Handrail movement (x2)
  • Missing step top and bottom (x2)

Sensors are E2A PNP type:

  • M12-WP-B1 Sensing distance: 4mm
  • M18-WP-B1 Sensing distance: 8mm
  • M30-WP-B1 Sensing distance: 30mm