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Escalator Controllers

The new Almega II touch screen micro processor has been developed to provide all the EN-115 requirements when modernising existing escalator and travelator machines.

The EN-115 features are as below:
1. Motor under/over speed monitoring (pulse rate fully adjustable)
2. Left/right hand rail movement monitoring (pulse rate fully adjustable)
3. 2X inputs for brake lift shoe left/right (time lag adjustable)
4. 2X inputs for missing step monitoring top and bottom (pulse rate fully adjustable for high speed and separate adjustment for low speed when a VVVF drive is used)
5. Broken drive chain monitoring

All sensors for the above are 3 wire NPN type inductive proximity switches.

Existing brake lift micro switches can be reused if required.

All of the above features are fully adjustable and can be disabled if they cannot be fitted or develop a fault during operation.

All faults can have automatic or manual reset.

Automatic = restart from forward/reverse key switch.
Manual = reset only by access to the Almega II touch screen.

The controllers can have the test plug and socket on the top of the cabinet or on the top half way junction box.

The mains isolator can be fitted on the top or the door of the cabinet.
Remote fault display screen for mounting in the skirting.


• Main drive motor direct online starting or star/delta starting
• Cabinet size 600h x 500w x 200d


• Main drive motor with VVVF drive
• Cabinet size 700h x 500w x 250d (up to 11kw only)
• VVVF drive fitted in cabinet
• For motors greater than 11kw the drive can be mounted remotely in the pit so the cabinet size for this application can be as type 1


  • Top pit 1/2 way wiring junction box
  • Bottom pit 1/2 way wiring junction box with test socket and plug
  • Remote engineer’s handset control station

Inductive Proximity Switches can be supplied for the following functions:

1. High speed to low speed

2. High speed to low speed to stop

3. High speed to low speed to stop