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ALMEGA Internet & Group Despatching

Lester Controls’ innovative remote lift control system allows you connect to the lift motor room and program your lift via the internet. This can be achieved using our Wi-Fi app, available on PC, tablet or smartphone. The system provides a complete solution for lift monitoring, whether onsite (i.e. building management) or from a remote location, and allows single or multi-user connections.

Connecting via Broadband (for speed), mobile phone (GSM) or local network (Intranet), users can access features allowing monitoring, system interrogation and programming. Monitoring can be of the lifts themselves, of the inverter drive connected to the lift or of the lift IO system.

System Interrogation involves transferring information such as the lift set-up and event history (lift and drive) to diagnose problems that have occurred even before going to site. This gives various advantages, the most obvious being remote access to a wealth of information and an easy, proactive solution for the prevention of future failures.

The Internet Board (IP Board) itself pays special attention to fault logging since connection problems and the complexity of the Internet require detailed logging to trace connection/set-up problems.

System programming can also be achieved remotely via a feature which is password-protected to safeguard against nuisance/ accidental system overwriting or corruption. It’s possible to change system parameters, add to or remove them from the system, and set-up the drive (speed profiles etc.) using this feature. System software upgrades are also available (use restricted to Lester Controls personnel). Upgrades to the system for the addition of new features or changing system software have been carefully designed to ensure that the corruption of transferred software does
not affect the upgrade. The existing software is always retained, not overwritten.

The Internet Board microprocessor has been designed using surface mount component technology to be small and compact. The hardware will fit into an ALMEGA rack as standard but may be mounted externally to suit other Lester Controls controllers.

The LCSL Lite app, available on computer, tablet and smartphone, gives lift engineers access to a wealth of monitoring data for multiple lifts. To access the data, simply select the required site and input the security password. When used in conjunction with the Wi-Fi add-on, the app connects directly to the controller for an extra quick and secure solution.






  • Connect to the lift motor room using the most popular network in the world
  • Connect via Broadband (for speed), Modem Dial-up, Mobile phone (GSM) or local Network
  • Utilises the standardised protocols of the Internet
  • Internet allows multi users (i.e. many people connected at the same time)
  • Interrogation of the lift system
  • Interrogation of the VF drive
  • View the lifts graphically
  • Change settings (if desired)
  • Upgrade the software (if desired)
  • Lift connects to you! (future development)
  • Diagnose faults before going to site
  • Analyse lift behaviour
  • Site visits saved, which will pay for the lifetime privilege of remote connectivity

Technical Features Overview

  • Designed using surface mount technology and housed in a custom made rack enclosure
  • Top of the range, Infineon 16bit, 40Mhz, Multiperipheral processor
  • Windows application providing upload / download, lift viewer and drive viewer
  • Despatcherless group systems
  • Provision for modem, internet and intranet connectivity
  • Direct serial connection to Lester Controls’ Serial Indicator / Speech Unit
  • Direct serial connection to selected motor / VVVF drives
  • Fault logging of the last 100 events, with description
  • Trace fault logging (for system debugging / interrogation)
  • Full onsite programmability via keypad or laptop / PC



  • Adjustment of slowing distances/ floor levels via software
  • Large, clear, bright, transreflective graphical (128 x 64 dot) LCD display
  • Simple, user friendly menu system for changing parameters and fault interrogation
  • Unique password set per system (floor parameter protection)
  • Configurable, flexible and modular IO system (according to system type)
  • ‘Plug and Play’ board identification (to assist with system configuration / setup)
  • LED indication for input/ output, CPU status, communications, PSU and associated fuses
  • Multi-output power supply (regulated and unregulated)

Hardware Requirements

  • The Windows application software is necessary for Internet / remote connectivity.
  • The software will work on any IBM compatible PC or laptop (250MHz or higher) with Windows XP.