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Innovation built upon proven surface mount technology, new features and important enhancements. The ALMEGA II is a sleeker, smarter successor to the original ALMEGA and has many new beneficial features and enhancements.

Utilising the latest technology, it has adopted TFT LCD technology with touch screen for a user-friendly menu and programming interface. The menu includes more diagnostic information, charts, graphs and reports. Also, a more powerful dual-core microprocessor has been chosen to handle the enhanced display and allow more processing for lift functions.

USB technology has been implemented to provide a high speed serial interface to PCs/Laptops and offer an expanded memory system using a USB memory drive.

The USB stick can be used for software upgrades and to back up the parameters.

The system consists of a Base IO module and optional Expansion IO modules. The Base IO module contains the lift/USB microprocessors, Wi-Fi module, power supplies and “controller IO” connections. The expansion IO modules provide IO for the lift shaft and are enclosed in custom designed DIN rail mounting modules, thus the system is modular depending upon the number of floors and features.

Based on our very successful Almega II, Lester Controls have developed a software application for smart phones and tablets.

This enables engineers to control and interact with a lift from within the building but away from the motor room or lift car. Under secure login, engineers can communicate with Lester Controls
and take advantage of the diagnostic software, enabling one of our technicians to help with lift performance questions and fault analysis.


  • Designed using Surface Mount Technology
  • Enclosed in custom designed, DIN rail mounting modules
  • Comfortably fits in shallow MRL cabinets
  • Dual Core 100 / 50 MHz Processor with XGATE
  • Graphical TFT LCD with touch screen
  • Simple, user-friendly Menu system
  • USB Memory Stick for Software and Parameter Backup
  • Uncontrolled Movement Detection (A3)
  • Direct to Floor Control (DTF)


  • Adjustment of slowing distances / floor levels via software
  • Internet, Intranet and LAN Connectivity using Ethernet and Wi-Fi
  • Dispatcherless Group Systems
  • Direct serial connection to selected motor / VVVF drives
  • Direct serial connection to selected position devices
  • Direct serial connection to Lester Controls’ Serial Indicators / Speech Unit
  • Direct serial connection to Lester Controls’ Serial IO (Car and Landing pushes)
  • Fault logging of the last 250 events, with description & event code


  • Unique Password set per system (for parameter protection)
  • “Plug and Play” board identification (to assist with system configuration)
  • LED indication for Input / Output, CPU status, Communications, PSU and associated fuses
  • Fully regulated 24v and 5v Power Supplies
  • Separate CAN Communications for Car, Landing, Per Lift, Drive and IO
  • Windows application software for diagnostics and programming
  • Only 3 shaft limits when using dual position


  • Easy “Add On” option to the Almega II Lift Controller.
  • Up to 60m Signal Range (in open air) with an External Antenna (40m without).
  • Direct connection to smart phones using the Custom Designed “LCSL Lite” APP.
  • View controller information
  • View event history
  • View lift parameters
  • View lift viewer
  • Direct connection (Technical Support) from the office to the lift via the phone app.
  • Transfer all controller information to the office
  • Change settings / parameters (if required)
  • 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g