Almega & Almega II – Now Even Greener!

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Almega & Almega II – Now Even Greener!

In response to the ever growing demand for energy efficiency, Lester Controls have developed a range of eco-friendly features designed to integrate with our highly successful ALMEGA series controllers and now our latest range – ALMEGA II.

For modernisation projects where existing DC geared and gearless machines are to be re-used, our DC-Quattro DC control system solution, utilising a Magnetek DC-PWM regenerative drive, provides typical energy savings of over 30% against DC-SCR drives. Against Motor Generator (MG) sets, savings rise to 45%. Additional benefits of this high-tech solution are reduced mains harmonics and power factor improvement.

Like our customers, we at Lester Controls actively seek to improve energy efficiency, utilising products that can be used in conjunction with our controllers to help reduce building energy costs. As a result of our ongoing product development, Lester Controls offer geared and gearless, non-regenerative and full regenerative control system solutions with ecooptimised features to cater for a wide range of project complexities and budget demands.

Our ongoing energy-reduction techniques provide:

  • Higher standby power savings
  • Higher drive running power savings

Standby Power: How we achieve these savings:

  • Car illumination – auto shutdown of car lights when the lift is inactive
  • Indicators – auto reduction of indicator intensity output (adjustable) when the lift is inactive
  • Fans – automatic power reduction through Drive/Motor/Car Fan switch-off when the lift is inactive
  • Permanent Magnet Gearless machines – having
    zero standby losses compared to DC machines

Running Power: How we achieve these savings:

  • Floor-to-floor times are minimised using Lester Controls’ Direct-to-Floor (DTF) system, with running cost savings and improved ride quality performance associated with DTF profiling
  • Closed-loop control provides improved speed
    tracking, further reducing peak current demands and optimising power factor efficiency
  • Using Magnetek’s ‘Quattro’ DC and AC fully
    regenerative drive ranges, power is diverted to the mains supply, eliminating wasteful energy otherwise diverted through dynamic braking resistors